Pausing and playing out-of-focus?

Is there any sort of software or feature that can do this?

Are you after a “Focus Pull” effect like in a movie where the camera zooms into the actor’s face? Or maybe the scene is the actor has taken medication and it’s starting to kick in and they can’t see the screen any more?

Give us a bunch more words what you’re trying to achieve. The short answer is no. A longer answer is to use a motion screen capture program and actually play the Audacity edit as a video on the screen and then apply a focus filter to the video. People used to pay me to do things like that.


No. When I refer to out of focus I mean using a different window. Say I have Microsoft Word open and I’m currently using it. I would like to unpause audacity but I don’t want to have to click the window to put it in focus.

“Alt + Tab” then “P” (pause) or “space” (play).
“Alt + Tab” to return to the other window.

Alternatively, you may be able to do something with AutoHotKey (not our software, and I’ve never used it, but here’s the link:

So this is yet another request for “global Audacity shortcuts” that work in all apps.

Audacity has the “potential” to implement global shortcuts now that we have migrated to wxWidgets 3.

To the best of my belief AutoHotkey won’t help (much). An app has to have focus for a shortcut or macro to work, so the best you would do is to create an AutoHoKey macro that switched focus to Audacity, executed P, then returned focus to Word. Unless you had Word tiled by the side of Audacity, it would still be visually distracting.