Pause/record shortcut always on help

Hi guys,

I use audacity in such a way, that when I am recording I am flicking between multiple windows that I need to be viewing (websites, articles etc).

I want to be always able to pause/record with the shortcut (P), so that I can keep pause/recording whatever window I am looking at.

The problem is that the keyboard shortcuts only work when Audacity is the ACTIVE window. Which makes this impossible as I have to always select audacity window, then press P…

Is there any fix for this…

Am I better off with another program?

Any help is greatly appreciated. If this is covered elsewhere, I apologise… I did search and found nothing.

Best wishes


That is correct. Audacity does not support “global shortcuts”.

You could request this feature on the “Adding Features” part of the forum. Personally I think its a bad idea because then it would be extremely easy to accidentally destroy a recording just by pressing a key in another app - you would not know that the recording had stopped until switching back to Audacity, by which time it is too late.

I wonder if AutoHotKey can do this for you…

See also, this post:

Dear both,

thankyou for your helpful replies. I will check out auto-hotkey…and having followed the thread as well…OBS!

Thanks again