pause button isn't responding on recording

I had the last update and it was 2.0 and I thought for sure my pause button was working the last time I used this software and now it wasn’t so perhaps I needed the new update so I uninstall the old one and install the new upgrade. Well the pause button is still not working but yet it works on the play. I am transferring my records music on MP3 or pershaps CD’s. I have other possible issues with this recording but for now. I will work on this. Now I can stop the recording but I have to go back at the beginning of the next song in which that is very time consuming I mean I don’t have time to go back every song so I thought this would do this and also start another track like when you play cd’s the tracks is separate.

Maybe someone else can help with your pause problem… It works for me…

is very time consuming I mean I don’t have time to go back every song so

Yes… Audio recording and editing is very time consuming! There are digitizing services if you want to pay someone else to do it.

Or you can buy the CDs or MP3s if they are available, and you’ll get better quality! Personally, I only digitize records when I can’t get a digital copy.

I’d expect it to take at least 3 x real-time. That is, expect to spend 1.5 hours to digitize a 1/2 hour record. It might go more quickly as you gain experience, or you can spend a LOT more time than that if you want to repair/reduce all of the “snap”. “crackle”, and “pop” from a digitized record.

Well the reason I am doing this cause I am making clocks out of these records and many I don’t care of the music but some I do so I want a software like Audacity to do this.