Pause and Save

Would like to ‘pause’ than ‘save’ a recording session then re-open and return to the same track line. Can’t get it to work that way. Have to ‘stop’ in order to save.
Win 10 2.1.1

“Shift+A” stops recording and leaves the playback cursor at the current play position.
The command is also available in the Transport menu “Play / Stop and set cursor”.

You are correct that you cannot pause then save or export.

But you can use the “Play/Stop and Set Cursor” shortcut which is SHIFT + A by default. This will stop playback, but the editing cursor will move to the stop point so you can resume from there:

Use the Keyboard Preferences if you want to change the SHIFT + A shortcut to something else:

You don’t have to export as you go along. You can label sections ( ) then Export Multiple ( ) according to the label positions.