Patriotic Bumble Bee

Hi, new here today.

I wonder if anyone can suggest a way I can record (or alter) music to sound as if it’s been made by the buzzing of a bee?

Specifically “The Star Spangled Banner” - I won’t bore you with why but it’s entirely respectable.

I’ve so far tried getting an MP3 of “The Flight of the Bumble Bee” and editing a single note out of it, then changing the pitch to generate quaver (q), crotchet (c) and minim (m) versions notes of the required keys, then stitching them together, all using Audacity.

I only need a short passage and have generated notes for G(q) E(q) C(c) E(c) G(c) C(m) E(q) D(q) C(c) E(c) F#(c) G(m), (the first line) then
G(q) G(q) E(c) D(c) C(c) B(m) A(q) B(q) C(c) C(c) E(c) G(m) (the second line) though it gets a bit confused at the end there - I’m no musician as you can probably tell by now.

Does anyone know of any way to simplify this process, perhaps by altering a piano version of the tune to sound like a buzzing?

Any help gratefully appreciated.

You may be working too hard. That’s what the vocoder does. Combines two different sounds.


Perhaps the Audio Selection Sequencer 2 plug-in would do the job.

Free-bees* …

(* freebies, geddit?, Oh please yourself)