Pathnames longer than 256 characters not supported [SOLVED]

i how that someone can help me.
I am exporting a track to mp3 as I always do, and today, for some reason I cannot save it I keep on getting the message : “Pathnames longer than 256 characters not supported” I have tried writing a 4 letter name and I get the same message, I also tried to actualise my audacity but still the same…
dunno what to do…
Has someone experienced the same problem ? Do you know what to do ?
thank you !

The “pathname” refers to the full name of the file including it’s directory (also known as it’s “fully qualified file name”)
For example, a file called “test.mp3” that is in your Documents folder has a fully qualified file name of:
/Users/<your user name>/Documents/test.mp3

The maximum number of characters allowed in a fully qualified file name is determined by the operating system and the format of the “storage medium” (the hard drive / USB drive / wherever the file is stored).

The likely cause in your case is that you are trying to save the file into a folder that is nested in many levels of folders, so that the total length of the file path is close to the 256 character limit even without the name of the file.

The solution is to save the file to a shorter path, or use a drive that supports longer file paths.

I restarted my computer and it worked once and now I am having the same issue…

Thank you your help Steve, but I used 4 letters, how can I make is any shorter ?

hello again !
ok I understand now !
Thank you
I tried to save it to my desktop and it worked.
thanks a lot !