Patch from .ogg to .oga

Sorry for my bad english.

In September 2008, Ogg Vorbis format RFC3534 was obsoleted by RFC5334 , which added content types “video/ogg” and “audio/ogg” and filename extensions .ogx, .ogv, .oga, .spx.

I have read an old discussion on this forum that was talk a bit about this problem but nothing since March 2010 has been done. Or probably, I have found nothing.

The extension .oga is realy usefull for new html5 tag

With the attached patch:

  • When anyone open/import file and chose from menù “Ogg Vorbis Format”, you will see file with .oga and .ogg extension.
  • When anyone export in “Ogg Vorbis Format”, Audacity will puts the .oga extension on file exported.n on file exported.
  • I have not changed FFmpeg’s export/Import

The patch was made with this command:

diff -r -u src.orig/ src/ > patch-oga.txt

on this version:

Putting the patch-oga inside the main directory and going inside the src/ directory, it can be applied with:

patch -p1 < ../patch-oga.txt

I hope to found on the new audacity release this or a better patch to work correctly with “Ogg Vorbis format”

P.s. Sorry for the .txt extension but .diff was not allowed :wink:
patch-oga.txt (3.04 KB)

Are you sure it’s correct to do that? I thought that the correct extension for “Vorbis” encoded files was still .ogg, and that .oga was intended for other types of audio in an Ogg container format (such as Flac). In other words, I thought it was the use of the .ogg extension for Ogg Flac that had been deprecated in favour of .oga and that the extension for Ogg Vorbis remained as .ogg. (I could be wrong - I’m just asking :wink: )

:blush: you’re right. I found this link:
For “Ogg vorbis format” is changed only the myme type to “audio/ogg”. And for flac compression on Ogg container the extension is .oga
waste of time. doh!

I prefer the term “learning experience” :wink:
(I was not at all sure about this, so I learned something, and you probably got something out of poking around in the code.)

reading better:

  • Vorbis and Speex may use .oga, but it is not the prefered method of distributing these files because of backwards-compatibility issues.
  • RATIONALE: .ogg has traditionally been used for Vorbis I files, in particular in HW players, hence it is kept for backwards-compatibility

Using .oga extension for Vorbis file is not wrong. I think that this will create confusion.

I think you’re right.
With all of the conflicting vested interests one wonders if they will ever sort this out.