Pasting in Room Tone

I dare say this has been addressed before, but unable to find the answer…

Is there a way to paste room tone into a gap of any length, or does the copied room tone need to be of the same duration?

It’s not that bad. There is a tool called Punch In that can customize the inserted sound based on the “hole” or selection you make, plus configuration instructions.

However. Can I predict the past? You created an Audiobook chapter that had total dead silence between sentences and ACX Check didn’t like that.

Did I hit it?

You actually have two problems. ACX doesn’t like voice channels that artificially cut to silence between words or sentences and they really don’t like multiple effects piled on top of each other. The goal is someone telling you a story over cups of tea, not produced to death in an effects factory.

While technically, it is possible to “clean up” a chapter like that, it might take months to get everything to sound right—and that’s the first chapter.

Let us know.


Thank you for the reply. Got there in the end with installing the Punch Copy/ Paste plug-in. Was baffled at first because it’s not listed among the plug-ins at

P.S. – My problems with ACX are not to do with quality control but wage theft! (See ‘Audiblegate’)

Yes, but you didn’t install Punch Copy/ Paste plug-in because of Audible’s accounting practices. What production problem were you solving? Lip smacks and tongue ticks?

Punch was developed out of the combined awkward experiences of people trying to clean up narration using the older tools.