Pasting clips to multiple tracks at the same time

I’ve been editing podcasts on audacity for years. When I need to past a sample into the timeline I’ve always just highlighted multiple tracks and then pressed paste which pastes the sample into all of the selected tracks. After the last update this seems to no longer work and the sample is only pasted into the first track. Can I change this in settings?

Another inconvenience with the last update is that I used to be able to make clip joins on a track disappear just by clicking them. Now I need to highlight the entire track, right click and select “join clips” to get rid of the joins. Is there a setting to put this right?

Thanks for reporting this issue. It has been reported to the developers here: 3.4.1 Paste Into Multiple Tracks Fails · Issue #5594 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

See: After update 3.4.0: Clicking to join clips not working - #2 by LWinterberg

No. If you want one item pasted in multiple places, you will have to do multiple pastes:

@LWinterberg said, “Copying and pasting has been simplified for this release. When you copy something, a “stack” is created and when pasting, this stack is inserted into the selected tracks. When the stack runs out of content, any additional selected tracks are kept blank. In this case, the clip is pasted into Audio 2 (overwriting the content the selection in that track).”

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