Pasting behavior has changed in 3.4?

I also have a big trouble with this “updated” feature, as I have a big project to edit asap. I’ll not bother you with details, just to make you know that you’re not alone here. This IS a big problem whatever the solutions offered above are. Frankly, as a workaround and after reading the posts above, the only effective solution for me was to revert to the previous version 3.3.


I’m guessing the issue I just posted about in another thread, where I select a whole clip and try to paste OVER it, and end up getting a bunch of blank space to the right, is an unexpected side effect of whatever ingenious move this is. They also seem to have taken out “click on a boundary to join clips” (deliberately or not), so joining the pasted section to its neighbours is no longer trivial. I’m grateful for the free thing, but still, grrr.

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This problem is disastrous. I’ve been using Audacity for 12 years but this is the bug that could drive me to another software. Is there anyone to complain to about this?


I really hope they fix the many issues here, such as the pasting om the same track issue and the metadata box on export and more and at least offer options for these new features instead of forcing them on.

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You can find all the old audacity installers here

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Can anyone advise on the “Extension Toggle for Chrome” prompt I get when I try to download the older version of Audacity? What exactly is happening here LOL?

No idea why you’re seeing that (I don’t see that, and I’ve not seen anyone else mentioning it).

I don’t think it has anything to do with downloading Audacity. Perhaps it’s an advert, or if the message actually says “Toggl” rather that “Toggle”, then perhaps you have installed this extension:

Have you tried downloading directly from Audacity Team’s Github repository?: Releases · audacity/audacity · GitHub

select join … or shortcut : ctrl+shift+F

Hey all! It seems like I blundered here. We’re planning to introduce overlapping clips at some point in the future, which would allow for things like non-destructively adjusting timing of inserted clips, switching between different takes and things like that. As we had to refactor pasting for this release anyway to work with stretched clips, we decided to go with the behavior you now see as a preparatory step towards a world where overlapping clips exist.

You’re absolutely right though that, as things are right now, there isn’t really any value in this behavior for spoken word projects. We will therefore add an option in 3.4.2 which reverts to the old behavior by default, and gives an option in the preferences to use the current one if you want to (which can be somewhat useful in music contexts, fwiw). 3.4.1 is scheduled to release tomorrow (fixing urgent crashes and bugs), 3.4.2 should follow in the coming weeks.


By default that is the shortcut for “Track Size: Fit to height”.

The new clip behaviour is also affecting “Copy” (Ctrl-C) operation. When copying a whole track (as in making a radio programme) it is now necessary to select the whole track (Ctrl-A) before copying, even if the Preferences:Tracks Behaviors setting says “Select all audio, if selection required”. If the full track is not selected, the clipboard retains whatever was last pasted.
Can the Copy process be restored to recognise the condition where the whole track is a single clip, and auto-select it according to the Preference setting?

Thanks for your report. This has been reported to the developers here: "select all audio if selection required" doesn't work on Copy anymore · Issue #5529 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

A new version, that “should follow in the coming weeks”. Not sure how to reply to that. You are aware, that this may cause a fairly serious problem for some users - whose purpose for using Audacity is not entirely casual?

Agreed. 100%.

Nobody is forcing you to use 3.4 at the moment. Feel free to use 3.3.3 in the meantime, or, in fact, until the end of time. All versions down to 2.0.0 are available in Old Audacity versions download


Indeed, you are correct - no one is forcing me to use anything. And much obliged for your dedication and professionalism, sir (or ma’am or whatever, as the case may be).

Extremely helpful. I didn’t know that existed. I downgraded and life is easy again! Thank you.

Update: 3.4.2 just got released.

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