"Paste" text not working


I’m having a problem with the paste text function. When I try to copy text from one label and paste it into another label, the “paste” menu item is grayed out.

I tried to paste into a text document. That also failed. Presumably it means that the text has not been copied to the clipboard.



Macos 10.15
Audacity 2.4.2

We have this bug logged on the Audacity bug tracker.
This most recent comment on this bug may allow you to partially work around the problem (If I’m understanding it correctly, it seems that pasting from the system clipboard works, but copying to Audacity’s clipboard doesn’t, and copying to Audacity’s clipboard clears the system clipboard.)

The system clipboard is available to Audacity.

  1. Copy “Some text” to the system clipboard.
  2. Generate a tone in Audacity and add a label.
  3. Cmd+V
  4. Observe text from Step 1 is not pasted into the label
  5. Open the “Track Name” dialog from the TCP dropdown menu
  6. Cmd+V OR Edit > Paste OR right-click > Paste
  • “Some Text” is pasted into the track name dialog

But then …
7) Cancel the track name dialog
8) Click in the label and enter “Label Text” in the label
9) Select the label text
10) Cmd+C or right-click > Copy Label Text
11) Open the “Track Name” dialog from the TCP dropdown menu
12) Note that Edit > Paste and right-click > Paste are greyed out: cancel the dialog
13) Switch to TextEdit
14) Note that Edit > Paste is greyed out

So, when copying label text the clipboard is apparently cleared but the label text is not put into it?

This is a regression on 2.4.1

Thanks for the reply. I also get this intermittently on cersion 2.4.1 on a different older Macos.

A workaround for me is to go into Edit label where paste is available.

Ah, that’s good to know. Thanks.
Now that you mention it, I think someone else had also reported that, but I forgot (I rarely use Mac).

Ditto. :slight_smile:

? :confused: