Paste Replace instead of Paste Insert.

I keep needing to do this - past a clip in, replacing an identically sized part of the main track - but only just got around to looking for the ‘best’ way.

Basically there wasn’t one, and it hasn’t been discussed for years - so I worked on out and thought I’d put this up…

  • Copy the section you want to paste to the clipboard
  • Paste it into a new track, position it where you want it inserted into the main track
  • Select the clip (it is probably already selected from the insert/positioning)
  • Select in all tracks (Ctrl-Shift-K)
  • Delete (Ctrl-K)
  • Paste (Ctrl-V)
  • Remove the track you added at step 2.

Just put this here for the next person who googles for it!

Thanks for the tip pperrin. That’s similar to the way I do it.
My steps (in this case, copying one part of a track into another place):

  • Select the part to be copied
  • Ctrl+D (duplicate the selected audio to a new track)
  • Enter (de-select the original selection)
  • F5 (Time Shift tool)
  • Drag the duplicate clip to where you want it inserting
  • F1 (back to the selection tool)
  • Enter (de-select the duplicate clip)
  • Up cursor (move focus to the original track)
  • Enter (select the same region in the original track)
  • Ctrl+L (silence the selection)

and I’d normally leave it at that - no real need to merge the tracks into one, but if the project is getting too big (too many tracks), it can be mixed down into a single track with:

  • Ctrl+A (select all)
  • Tracks menu > Mix and Render

That looks a lot when listed click by click, but basically it’s:
Ctrl+Ddrag into positionCtrl+L (and use the Enter key as necessary to ensure the right part is selected)

There’s also a plug-in for Paste Replace (somewhere on this forum - I’ll have a look)

Here it is (or more precisely, here they are :wink:)

If you want, we can add your “vote” for a built-in Paste Replace command.


Steve ,

That duplicate and the enter, arrow, enter is neat…

So now I can use D to make the copy and new track in one, then position the clip, C, , up, , V

A bit more effort and it will do it with no key strokes at all! :slight_smile: