Passages, a glitchdrone album made with Audacity

Hi, I recently discovered databending with Audacity, both visual and audio, and it’s really become a rabbit hole. I started out with importing PDFs and text files as Raw Data and exporting as WAV, then moved to glitching Raw Data of image files through sonic effects, then finally discovered the weird sonic landscape of game ROMs.

So I decided to trigger an album comprised of cut-and-spliced Raw Data from game ROMs (GBA, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 64), exported as audio. I imported the ROMs as VOX ADPCM, Little-endian, with a Project Rate of 8000 Hz for each track, and with varyingly low Sample Rates at the 8000–22050Hz spectrum. What I did was import, give the Raw Data audio a full listen, duplicate snippets of promising sounds as I go, then join the snippets into one track and export the assemblage as WAV (16-bit).

You can listen to (and download) the tracks here: The album and individual track artwork are also glitched with Audacity, except for “Minor Lit,” which is a Preview color adjustment.

Bottom line, Audacity is fun. :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy!

There’s some really interesting sounds in there, some really (nails on blackboard) horrible sounds, and a bit in the middle of the last track that made me laugh out loud :smiley:

Indeed it is. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it.

Oh wow, this is so very cool!

I love glitch, btw this transmedia you did, its quite fun, and there are sounds very interesting, spectrum-wise!

I might take a bit of that and load it up on a sampler for additional enjoyment, if you allow me?

There sure are! I’m actually to the point where I’m digging all the nails on blackboard sounds, it feels good inside the head.

Thank you! It was really fun to compile.

Please do, all the sounds are up for grabs. Hope you enjoy. :slight_smile:

Wow this is really cool! I recently got into databending and this album just inspired me on so many levels.