Parallel Processing - Sends and Returns

Chat GPT may be lying to me… or it could be Pilot Error.

It says to look in the manual to Send and Return a track for parallel processing. Describes a Send function in the left side Track dropdown complete with instructions for building an S&R track for Reverb etc.

Not sure where it found the info but I couldnt find anything in the app or searching.

Is this function supported?

Not in Audacity.
In Audacity you can achieve the same arrangement by creating a duplicate track (CTRL+D) and applying the effect to that duplicate, then adjusting its level.

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Thanks for quick answer! Thats what I suspected. For my needs this works well enough. If I were doing a higher number of similar projects with the same band and instrumentation it might be nice to build templates of my starting points. For now I am exploring on both the music and production sides and am a ways from being tempted to migrate to a different environment.