Panasonic WM-61A - help with connecting things

Hello, i ordered WM-61A capsule online and now i am trying to properly connect it and i am having a bit of difficulty. I am following this diagram:

I got 1uF cap but i am unsure whether i need a resistor also. The person who recomended me this mic only mentioned that i will need 1uF cap so now i am not sure because there is a 2.2kOhm writen on diagram. I plan to connect this mic directly into pc sound card (through 3.5 jack) and i am wondering whether i will need some external power suply or will the sound card have enough juice ?

Supposing you have a DMM, measure how much voltage your mic input supplies. Probably, it’s 5V. That’s sufficient.

And you definitely need that resistor, or the power supply in your computer will eat the mic signal, lowering the audio level. That same power supply will also add noise. Add up the two, and it could become unusable.

Using a simple 9V battery could be better, as it would result in a slightly higher output and a higher max. SPL level the mic will withstand without distortion. The battery will last for a very long time, as the one FET in the mic consumes just a few milliamps.

If you want even better, look for the “Linkwitz mod”. That consists of cutting a strip on the mic to go from a two wire connection to a three wire connection. It improves audio level a bit, signal to noise ratio a lot.

Thank you for your answer both here and on PM ! I think i will first do a normal thing without battery and mods just to see how this mic compares to the other 2 i have. Then i will order another capsule and do the thing with battery and the mod and compare unmodded mic against battery and modded one. That is one of the things i generaly like to do, compare things i made or improve. I will report my results, also i will need some help with improving the mic when the time comes.

ps: just a question, i know that 9V battery will hold a very long time, but a permanent solution would be using the power from molex (either using 7V by connecting 12V and 5V, or by using around 9V connecting 7V (12V & 5V) and 12V), but would that add some extra noise or some other problem ?

As for using 9V battery as oposed to power from sound card, would better output and SPL come from higher voltage, or from the fact that it wouldnt drain power directly from computer ?