paly back speed too fast

I am using Audacity 2.3.2 on windows 10. I use a Peavey Sanctuary series S-32 sound board to record. I got a new HP laptop with windows 10 to record on. Audacity works fine on my old computer(windows XP), but with the new computer, it sounds like chipmunks when you listen to the recording. How can I fix this?

it sounds like chipmunks when you listen to the recording.

Is that only when played-back in Audacity? What about if you export to WAV or MP3 and play it with Windows Media Player (or whatever you normally use)?

I assume you are not accidentally using the [u]playback speed control[/u]?

Try the Change Speed effect so slow it down. Does it sound “clean” when slowed-down or is it “glitchy”. That’s a possible temporary-fix and if it’s glitchy that’s a clue.

How fast is it? i.e. If you record for 1 minute how fast does it play back? (Speed is related to sample rate so a speed-ratio equal to 48kHz/44.1kHz could be a clue.) You might need to change the Audacity Project Rate (lower left of the Audacity window), or change the defaults under preferences, but that shouldn’t be necessary.

Sample-rate screw-ups are rare because the driver is supposed to communicate between the hardware and application (and take care of any necessary resampling). Usually this is foolproof and works as-expected. And, your mixer uses the well-proven Microsoft-supplied drivers. When you save the file, the sample-rate information is contained in the file header so that’s also usually foolproof…

Is the mono/stereo correct (as expected)? If the data is mono but somehow it thinks it’s playing stereo, it would play twice as fast because it’s “looking for” twice as much data. (I’ve only seen that with “raw” audio files which don’t have a header.)