Overwrite a part of a track

Version 2.3.0
How can i overwrite a part in a track? The result must be: only the length of the copy is overwritten in the track, without moving the rest of the track.
the copy comes from a different track.
(With a normal copy / paste session, the back part of the track shifts and is not overwritten)
Hope someone can help me, thanks in advance.
Greetings, Rien

I’ll give you one way of doing it… There may be other way… There’s usually more than one way…

After opening the 1st file, File → Import Audio will open a 2nd track. If you just export from there the two tracks will be mixed… See where I’m going?

So, get both tracks into your project. Select the audio in the main track that you want to over-write and Generate → Silence. That will mute your selection without moving anything.

Use the [u]Time Shift Tool[/u] to drag the replacement-track into position.

You’ll probably have to zoom-in… way in… And [u]Select At Zero-crossings[/u] to minimize glitches. Or better-yet use crossfades for a “smooth” edit(fade-in, fade-out, and overlap). Depending on what you want, you can make a very-short unnoticeable crossfade (a several milliseconds) or you can make a longer crossfade that you can actually hear.