Overlap Isochronic tones or Binaural beats

Hello !

Is is possible to use a mix of overlapped isochronic tones and/or binaural beats for better effects, using Audacity ?
I tried overlapping either ones , following some advices regarding :
1)Amplitude modulations different for each track
2) Frequency range “far” enough so frequencies won’t interfere (a difference of 30-40 hz would be minimum as per a scientific research).

None of my attempts were successful, at best ambiguous , despite the fact that i found some audios on the internet/youtube with overlapped frequencies .
If the brain needs the pulse or the binaural effect, for a change in its state, then how would be possible to process different rhythms that are played simultaneously ?
Thank you !

It sounds as if you already know how to mix tracks with Audacity. We can’t help with theoretical matters relating to the brainwave entrainment hypothesis.

Oh, thank you for your answer !
Only today i managed to see it, sorry for the delay !