What I have been doing is recording a guitar vocal track, and then on a new track, adding harmony. The problem is the 2nd track re-records the first track, so I get distortion. Has anybody experienced this?
Thank you,
Chris in VT

Sounds like Audacity is recording the output of the computer, as well as the live guitar.
Try disabling “stereo mix” (or equivalent) in Windows Sound.

Once you’ve fixed that, the next problem you’ll encounter is latency

Oops! OS is Windows 10.

Thanks for confirming but it is in your profile underneath your name.

Is the problem fixed? If not please tell us make and model number of the mic and how it connects to the computer.


Hi Gale,
The problem is fixed - I simply moved the input and output to the front audio jacks of my computer. Not sure why it worked but I am very happy it did. Thank you for your help.
I don’t detect any latency when overdubbing - should I run the test anyway?