Overdub problem Windows 10. Audacity, latest version

When trying to record a second track I had the “latency…” message, so I went to Transport>Overdub and switched it off as recommended in a previous thread. I can now record a second track but can’t hear the first track, so I went to Edit>Preferences>Recording>Other Tracks as recommended in another thread and I get the "latency…"message again. I have used Audacity for years without a problem using Windows XP, 7 and 10, until suddenly it won’t record a second track. Please help. I record a song every Christmas to send to my friends around the world and am starting to get stressed. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I’ve started seeing the same problem - unable to overdub. The first track records as intended, the second track won’t. The record cursor sticks a fraction after start. This seems to have started in the last day or so, as I have been using Audacity in this way for some months.
Remedies tried: I have restarted Audacity (2.2.1). I have uninstalled and reinstalled 2.2.1. I have restarted Windows, including a cold boot. I have uninstalled 2.2.1 and installed 2.1.3 with the same problem. I can only assume that some change in Windows has broken Audacity.

Chris Beeson

Further to this, I’m using a Tascam US-122MkII interface, and the drivers haven’t been updated for some years. I’m beginning to suspect that this may be the cause, but don’t know why it’s only just started, or whether there’s a solution apart from the obvious.

Chris Beeson

Hi guys! Where u able to find a solution? Im having exactly the same problem…
Greets from Argentina!

Check that the sample rate is the same in Audacity (in the “Project Rate” box near the bottom left corner of the main interface), and for the device settings for Recording AND Playback in the Windows Sound Control Panel.

I have been trying to repair this the whole day, i just changed the properties of the interface to 48000hz, did the same in audacity AND IT WORKED.
Thanks, really!

There is any difference between 44100 hz and 48000?

44100 Hz is the sample rate for audio CDs, and the most widely supported sample rate for digital audio. In most cases, 44100Hz is the recommended sample rate for the finished product, and so is the preferred sample rate for the Audacity project.

The main exception to the above is DVD video, which usually uses a sample rate of 48000 Hz. If you are producing audio primarily for DVD video, then 48000 Hz sample rate is recommended, though even in this case a sample rate of 44100 Hz is not likely to cause any problems.

The default sample rate for Audacity projects is 44100 Hz, because it can provide very high quality audio, and is supported by just about all other software and hardware.