Over recording & Feedback

I’m using Windows 10. When trying to record from a condenser microphone or the inbuilt microphone on the laptop I get feedback so have to mute the speakers. This is very inconvenient. When recording via speakers / headphones (Realtek) (Loopback) I cannot adjust the input level and so get a hum in the background and the recording is poor. Any help would be appreciated.

So you have two issues here.

So this is pretty much the way things work. When you place your speakers right next to your microphone you are going to get feedback. Most people solve this by using headphones rather than a speaker. Just what is it that you are trying to accomplish?

There shouldn’t be any need to adjust the input level - Audacity is going to record just what is going out of the speakers, regardless of any input level settings. You can always use Amplify later on to raise or lower the volume. Do you get the hum only when Audacity is recording ? If so, check that Tranport > Transport Options > Software Playthrough is turned off.

Thank you for your response. I have only experienced these problems since updating the program so am not sure if there is anything I should do to ensure my recordings are still OK. The problems are: recording from a CD via USB: the help desk showed that I ought to use WASAPI and Speakers / Headphones (Realtek (R) Audio) (Loopback). Tried this once and it appeared OK but now the recording levels are not appropriate. When using either the inbuilt laptop microphone or the USB microphone I now get feed back - but not consistently. How frustrating all this is!

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