output volume is too low vs input volume

How do I get my input volume to match or get close to matching the output volume (playback volume)? When recording a string track from keyboard on top of a piano track the piano playback volume is so low I cant hear the piano. I have a keyboard plugged into a Yamaha audiogram 3 interface and that plugs into usb port. I have headphones plugged into the Yamaha interface. Help!

Do the two track’s blue waves match? Typically, if the Piano and String tracks have similar size blue waves, then the two performances should be about the same volume. You can mess with individual volumes with the volume sliders to the left of each track, but if the blue waves are seriously off matching, then you really should address that first. That can cause production problems later.


If you’re overdubbing, play and record track balance is generally set by the interface, although you can use some of the Audacity track controls to help. Many USB interfaces have a fader with Playback on one side and Live on the other. Adjust for pleasant mix during the performance.


I used the same input volume for both tracks.

I leave the volume the same for the piano and the strings. When I try to overdub with strings I cant hear the piano. If i adjust the interface volume it doesnt make any difference. Using a yamaha audiogram 3.

Same input volume as heard by listening or same input volume position of knob/slider? If the latter that is no guarantee that the two signals will be at the same volume level as heard when listening.

same volume for both. I dont touch the volumes of anything. its during overdubbing that I can hear the piano over the keys.

I meant “cant” hear piano when over dubbing.

I am listening thru head phones plugged into my yamaha audiogram interface. I wear them for inout and output.

Kozikowski wrote: "Do the two track’s blue waves match? "
We still don’t know the answer. Do they look to be about the same size or is one much taller on the track than the other?

the piano track wave is about twice the size of the strings wave.

In the Transport menu in Audacity, ensure that “Software Playthrough” is not selected and that “Overdub” is selected.

Ensure that the Audacity playback level is turned up and that the “DAW” control on the Audiogram is turned up.
Start Playback of Audacity (just playback the Piano you have recorded without recording anything at the same time). Can you hear the piano playing?

The piano wave is twice the size of the strings even though all my volume setttings stayed the same.

Yes I know. You’ve already said that.
You have also already said (twice) that you can’t hear the piano when you are overdubbing.
We can’t help you if you don’t respond to what we ask.

I verified that “Software Playthrough” is not selected and that “Overdub” is selected. Hasnt made any difference. I can hear the piano without anything else during playback but the volume is much lower.

How high up is the “DAW” control turned up?
Does adjusting that change the volume of the track being played back?

The “daw” is turned up pretty high. 3/4. Its not pegged out. Adjusting it makes no difference as i still cant hear the playback over what Im recording. ugh.

I should add that even though i cant hear the piano while I dub in the strings, when I playback both tracks together they sound like they are at the correct volume relative to each other. Frustrating to create.

Is having the headphones connected to the Yamaha the cause of the "cannot hear piano on playback? Is speaco’s set up actually trying to monitor Audacity output at the Audacity input point?

Please try this test exactly as described and describe the results.

  1. Start a new Audacity project.
  2. Set your piano to a “piano” sound and record something.
    While you are recording, how loud would you judge the sound to be on a scale of 1 to 10? (1 = extremely quiet, 10 = extremely loud)
  3. Stop the recording.
  4. Press the Play button to play back the recorded track.
    When the recorded piano track plays back, how loud would you judge the sound to be on a scale of 1 to 10? (1 = extremely quiet, 10 = extremely loud)