Output Routing For Tracks?

Is it possible to route each track to a different output channel - assuming you had an interface with, say, 4 output channels? Someone asked me if he could play each of 4 tracks on their own speakers (track 1 on 1 speaker, track 2 on another speaker, track 3 on a 3rd speaker and track 4 on a 4th speaker). He wants to teach harmony parts to 4 groups simultaneously by having each speaker in a different room.

I didn’t think this was possible but I thought I’d ask here.



I think it’s still true that Audacity doesn’t have multi-channel output. Two, maybe, but no more.

Correct. It’s a feature request. @KenRyan, if you want to add a vote that Audacity supports multi-channel playback, please let us know, so that we can gauge the “demand” for it.

If you go Audacity > Preferences, choose “Import / Export” then enable “Use custom mix” then you can export a multi-channel file from Audacity that you can output to different speakers if your player and playback device have multi-channel output. But Audacity playback will mix down to stereo.


Greetings. Using Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6
I’d like to ask the same question as it applies to Audacity 2.3.3., as I’m new to Audacity & can’t find any more on this through a search here.
I wish to route multi stereo tracks via separate outputs to my MH ULN-2 3d box’s console from Audacity, to apply plug-ins & a mix - then get a realtime bounce back to Audacity for exporting. Not sure if there has been any changes in Audacity to accommodate this process to date.
Thanks for your help & consideration.

Audacity only supports 2 channel stereo playback or mono.

Thank you Steve.