Output into 5.1 format

Hello !
I’ve got the 2.2.2 ver of Audacity on a Windows 10 operated computer.
I’m not very skilled in audio formats conversion nore with English abbreviations so please be very basic in explaining ! Thank you.
I’ve composed a piece intended for 24 wind instruments and it was mixed in order to be played on a 8 loudspeakers loop. When I explain for instance to a performance organiser what type of musical piece I’m speaking about, people ask for a “sample” audition but I can’t each time rent an 8 baffles array with amplifiers and managing console (each time 2500 or 3000 euros); on the other hand if played on a current stereo player with 2 loudspeakers it won’t give a correct idea of the final result. I thought that I could perhaps make a test with a 5.1 home audio/video system and was wondering if I could export my 24 track version I’ve got on Audacity into a format burnable on a 5.1 CD or DVD. Perhaps I have to import first my 24 tracks into another software as an intermediate step ? I would be very grateful if somebody on this forum could describe a solution.
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5.1 or “Dolby Surround” is a licensed process. There may be a “fake” way of producing surround similar to the “Lame” software to make MP3 files—also until recently a licensed process.


Audacity can export multi-channel audio files, but can only play mono or stereo, so you will need a certain amount of guesswork.
For multi-channel export, you need to enable “Use custom mix” in Preferences.
See: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/import_export_preferences.html#When_exporting_tracks_to_an_audio_file
and: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/advanced_mixing_options.html

The only “standard” surround formats that everybody can play are DVD & Blu-Ray.

You need DVD (or Bly-Ray) authoring software to make the special file/folder structure (and optional menu). One option is [u]Corel Video Studio[/u] (a video editing and DVD/Blu-Ray authoring/burning application). Typically if you just want audio, you’d make a “slide show” or “audio only” DVD.* You can have a single still image, or multiple images. That “image” can be a blank-black screen of an image of text for the album/artist/title of whatever is playing.

Depending on how much audio editing you’re doing, you may not need Audacity.


  • There is something called DVD-Audio (or DVDA), but it’s a different special, oddball, orphan format and I’ve never had a DVD player that can play it.

Many thanks to Koz, steve and DVDdoug. I’ll look around following your paths.
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One option is Corel Video Studio

We did it in Final Cut Pro. We had a little trick. If the DVD wasn’t large enough for uncompressed PCM (standard stereo), we would create a two-channel Dolby “surround” and send that. Since it’s compressed, it took up less space and since the PCM was missing, the Dolby always played.