Outdoor concert on phone - Recommend improvements?

Hi, I recorded an outdoor concert on my phone. It sounds OK… but it’s mono and a little flat and I’d like to perk it up a bit. What changes would you make with Audacity? Slight stereo fake? EQ changes?

Voxengo’s (free) StereoTouch plugin has “surround” presets which are suitable for outdoor-concert pseudo-stereo.

You have to create a dual-mono version of your track before applying any stereo effects,
e.g. duplicate the mono track, and join them.

Voxengo also has free real-time equalizer plugins …

Were you hand-holding the phone? Does the show have rustling and handling noises? How long was the show? Did you manage to hold the phone in about the same place the whole time? If you didn’t, any stereo imaging or environment creation may wander over the course of the show.

How about neighbors? When the neighbors clapped, does the sound go nuclear? All that and booming from the theater speaker systems are probably the worst sound problems.

Some of that you can edit manually.

iPhones for a while had two different sound recorders. Music Memo and Voice Memo. Music Memo had real recording technologies and would save a perfect quality WAV sound file. Useful for producing your own music at home.

Voice Memo won’t save a WAV file. I believe the best it can do is M4A, which means when you get done patching the quality, you will almost certainly be stuck with double sound compression distortion when you make the new file. If you don’t have an iPhone, then pay attention to whatever file your phone made. It’s common to hide the filename extensions, but the instant you want to start surgery like this, it’s good to know what you have.

Is this the sound portion of a video? Audacity will natively open the sound portion of many video files.

If you got it as good as you can, then see Trebor.


Thanks… yes, hand holding, audio only… I’ll try some of the suggestions

I’ll try some of the suggestions

There’s another half of this forum thing. If you find something you like, post back how you did it. You can post ten second sound clips of before and after.

There’s a beginner problem to be avoided. Save a protection copy of the original shoot. Never edit the one and only original sound file from the concert. If Audacity goes into the mud during the edit, it might take the only copy of the show with it.