Outdated Instructions

AudacityTeam, please update the “Compiling on Windows” document located here:

Please fix this (starting line 231):

For ASIO support, get the ASIO SDK from Steinberg
install at C:\ASIOSDK, then define an environment variable called

The value should be the full path to the base directory of the
ASIO SDK, e.g.,


The Path does not match the install directory

Also, line 138 points to the old SourceForge repository.

Sections 5.1 thru 5.3 need to be made more clear about whether these optional features are required for a functional build and, if so, exactly how are they enabled. Thanks.

Please, be specific. Do you mean that the environment variable should be “C:\ASIOSDK” because that is the default ASIO installation directory?

Isn’t the requirement merely to set the environment variable to the same directory that ASIO is installed to, which is the user’s choice?

OK well spotted - that will be fixed.

I slightly agree but the developers are strongly opposed to user-facing verbosity in compile.txt. After all the document is for developers, and those sections are not very unclear. You can always actually look in win\configwin.h.