Other software with Audacity

I am using the new Windows Audacity with a Dell Inspiron 15 laptop and 16 gigs of RAM. Windows version is 8.1
I’m an intermediate user of Audacity with audiobooks for ACX. Audacity itself only allows a natural vocal change with its pitch control. Is there anyway to use Morphvox or Voxal files with Audacity? Neither of those programs can handle Audacity’s aup set-up, nor even seem able to import a wav file to work on. But their vocal change infrastructure seems much better in producing a pronounced change in range of voices for a narrative story. But one has to do it all from scratch in those programs and then import the whole business into Audacity for a total DAW environment to work in. Is there any easier workaround for this problem short of hiring actors with differing voices? Such as a vocal change setup that will fit as an Audacity plug-in?
Would really appreciate some advice or info on this subject…

Is there anyway to use Morphvox or Voxal files with Audacity?

I’m not familiar with those. They both appear to be real-time processors so they might work in real time while recording. Do they sound realistic so they will be acceptable to ACX?

Most audio processing is done with [u]VST plug-ins[/u]. (As you know, Audacity comes with some built-in effects and it supports a couple of other plug-in protocols.)

You can probably find some “voice-changing” VST plug-ins that will work with Audacity. Most commercial VST effects don’t officially support Audacity, but some (most?) will work. (I assume this is because most Audacity users don’t like to pay for plug-ins so the commercial developers don’t bother with it.) There are lots of free VSTs and these are also hit-or-miss because without a budget the developers cannot test & debug with all of the audio editors/DAWs out there.

Dear DVDoug-

I bought both Morphvox (Screamingbee.com) and Voxal (NCH Software) and the problem I’m facing now is that half of my latest audiobook is complete in Audacity, but I don’t like the sound of my own voice with changed pitch for female characters. It’s fine for regular narration, but not for character voices without various modulations that don’t seem to be available or defined in Audacity. I have always used the ACX check plugin and have passed everything through that before moving it into a separate MP3 Converter called fre.ac which ACX encourages everyone to use, even though Audacity has the capability built in to export files as MP3. (So far, no one over there at ACX has given me an explanation for this)

I have completed two audiobooks already and am now halfway through a third. Like the others it involves music, sound effects, sometimes other female voices which I have to splice in later and I haven’t always like the readings I’ve gotten from them. I’d like to do them myself as well as other voices, but not having much to work with in that regard other than the pitch control in Audacity.

I have a number of plug-ins I bought from RX, progressing from their “Elements” to the next up from that, but there’s nothing there actually marked out as vocal modulations. If I use Morphvox or Voxal I can do the whole narrative track in those programs, but then will have to import the resulting narrative track into Audacity for the music and sound effects which are rendered from separate tracks. The novel I’m working on will have to be completely re-done on the narrative side if I am forced to go in that direction.

I am sure I can upgrade or compensate with Audacity any deficiencies in the resultant narration tracks. But I dread having to go through all existing trials and tribulations and time all over again just to get this far once more. Can you suggest any freeware or even a paid program that will allow me to modify what I already have in my Audacity files and accomplish my main purpose? Thanks again for your initial response.