Other companies plug-ins don't work in Audacity

First, I love Audacity. And there is a reason for this – I just don’t know it. :slight_smile:

I find some plug-ins like Tone-Boosters free EQ and others don’t work in Audacity. Being a person who does software support, I think the expectation is not all external plug-ins would or should work. Normally I don’t mind, I go to Wavasour and just process it there and put it back in Audacity. I do use Audacity for multi-track mixdowns. I use a Tascam to record. Wavasour which is OLD, and as Windows hits new versions, this is expected. It just would be nice if i could do it all in Audacity (which is not a flaw in Audicity)



The free version of TDR Nova works in Audacity on Windows. It’s a real-time equaliser & compressor …