OSX 10.9.5,ver. 2.3.0 crashes every time

Perhaps having similar issue to Pobinr https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/audacity-2-3-0-keeps-crashing-can-i-download-2-2-2-anywhere/51864/1
Upgraded when I saw there was new version. I think I had been using 2.2.2 before…? I can’t remember now.
I haven’t been using the program even. Since I upgraded to 2.3.0 it encounters some plugin issue ever time, and crashes.
At first, this would explicitly happen after using any plugin. I thought I would re-download the app, and try again after several months of not using it.
Now it just crashes if I import an audio file. For some reason I couldn’t get to some of the earlier versions of Audacity from the homepage earlier for to download, so I went back to ver. 1.2.5 (said the servers for others were down temporarily). I’m trying to use it right now, and seems to not necessarily be an issue with my computer. Old one seems to work… not having the same problem at least.
It generated a crash log this time, so if someone can tell me what to do with that, I’ll happily post it, or whatever. Never had an issue with the program in the past, so I’ve never had to do this sort of thing before. I’m not the most knowledgeable about software, so I’ll keep it pretty basic. Thanks.

1.2.5 is ancient and I’m surprised it works. It is no longer supported. We recommend version 2.3.0 for system 10.9.

Delete any previous Audacity versions, and any “plug-ins” folders that may exist in your Applications folder.

Download and install Audacity 2.3.0.

Audacity’s preferences are stored in ~/Library/Application Support/audacity. Copy that underlined text. In the Finder, click on the “Go” menu then the “Go to Folder” item, then in the dialog that appears paste the text and click the “Go” button. That will take you to the place where Audacity stores its preference.

Delete these files:

Now start Audacity 2.3.0. It should launch fine and give you the welcome screen.

Use the plug-ins manager to enable any additional plug-ins you may want to use.

– Bill

I’m sorry, I think you’ve misunderstood. I encountered the bug while using 2.3.0. While trying to download an earlier version, at the time, all of the other servers were inaccessible from my computer, due to maintenance or something. As such, the only version I was able to download initially, aside from ver. 2.3.0, was version 1.2.5. Thank you.