Optimize this quiet background-instrument?

based on my actual audio-knowledge I’m unable to fix this. I don’t know if this is fixable. Here is a small audio sample with a background accordion that’s played with a lower register on the melody-side. I want to get this louder. But something says me this isn’t easy. Any suggestions? Thanks very much!


But something says me this isn’t easy.

You can add us. Audacity can’t split a mixed performance into individual instruments, voices and sounds so you an change one without changing the others.


OK thanks, I got it :confused:

Try boosting the lower frequencies with Audacity’s equalizer

Free real-time equalizer plugins are available which work in Audacity on Windows, e.g. …

I was going to suggest a similar thing using the “Bass and Treble” effect, with “Treble” set to zero, and “Bass” set above zero.

Thanks, some hours ago I also get attention to the audacity equalizer and did a similar experiment, but the instrument is still to much in the background.

Thank you for sharing this accordion song.

Thanks. I have much more, can share it via a private way it you want, that were our church recordings.

I would love to hear them.