Optimal Sampling & Conversion Preferences for Recording of Spotify?


I would like to record some of my tracks of Spotify. Could someone share with me what the best preference settings regarding sample rate, sample format, sample rate conversion and dither are ? I assume there are optimal settings that will avoid interference with Spotify’s’s own music quality streaming settings ? Subsequently I intend to convert and save to 320 kbps mp3 files on disk.

Also any tips on how best to set recording levels when recording a 50+ track album ?


I would like to record some of my tracks of Spotify.

So you really want to digitize a vinyl album and post it to Spotify?

When you capture the album, you can export the songs as WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit at 44100 sample rate. That should be your archive because you can easily make those into anything else with little or no damage. From memory, the quality of those is something like 1500, far higher than you can do with MP3.

Audacity doesn’t edit MP3. It edits MP3 content and then makes a new MP3 when its done increasing the compression damage. MP3 is good for end-user applications such as listening on your iPod.


Here it is. The older Macs report that value. The newer ones don’t.

A WAV stereo track goes by at 1411 kbps.