Opinion/advice on how to reduce hi-hat / hiss-static-distortion?

Working on a different part of the same project I got some great advice from here a couple of weeks ago, hoping to get just as good advice this time which will see my project complete!
I have a digitization of a 40 year old 1st cassette tape recorded from radio, it sounds “OK” to me, listenable, apart from some annoying sharp almost static/distorted sound on the hi-hat.
Not sure if it’s just because of old tape / radio recording, but I suspect the digitization has some over the top high EQ, which to my ears sounds like the problem.
People have been very helpful here with similar questions, could I please get some opinions/advice on what needs to be done to correct the sound of this tape?, I’ll attach 2 x 6 second samples of 2 songs from the same tape, and include a WeTransfer link that includes both of the songs complete (about 50MB FLAC).
Not sure if if a simple EQ will help, it seems so sharp maybe needs Parametric EQ to pinpoint it?, but I really don’t know, that’s why I’m looking for some expert advice like I have been given here before!
Thanks in advance!
6 sec samples of 2 songs attached.
WeTrasfer link of both songs FLAC files complete (expires in 7 days).

I’d just take off a bit from the extreme top end using the Graphic EQ.
It’ll never be fantastic sound quality because of the limitations of the original, so I don’t think it’s worth being too picky.


Compression has caused the snare to intermittently cut out the high-hat/cymbal.
The cutting in/out is what makes it intrusive.
Sacrificing everything above ~10kHz is the easiest fix …

Thanks guys, that’s what I’ve been doing, although keeping same around 10,000 and turning 12,000 down but not all the way, as it loses a bit of the
brightness I like turning 10-12k right down.
Thanks for your confirmation.