"Operating system" for existing users

New users need to select their operating system when registering on this forum. Very useful.

When I went to my profile to set it, it reads “please select”. But it isn’t a link, despite showing as a link optically.

How can I set that?

If this function isn’t ready for prime time yet, can a mod set it to “OSX” or “OSX Mavericks” for my account?

To set the operating system, click on the “User Control Panel” link near the top left corner of the forum page.
Then select the “Profile” tab.
Then select your operating system from the multi-choice near the bottom of that section.

Thx Steve. Found it. Set it.

I was under the impression that clicking on my username would take me to the control panel (as it does in most other fora I know). Apparently not. :smiley:

Well, I found “User Control Panel” under the user name, now.
But there is no such multi-choice in the “Profile” tab. I’ve tried with both Firefox and Safari. What’s wrong here?

You are replying to a topic that is nearly 3 years old. The forum software has been updated several times since then.

To change your user profile:

  1. Click on your name near to right of the page and select “User Control Panel”.
  2. Click on the “Profile” tab.
  3. Make the settings, and click the “Submit” button.

… and you were displaying a piece of information, which the users could not change any more :wink:

I see that you have fixed the “Profile” tab now, THX !

Apparently, the forum software has been updated again, so now in August 2020 the profile option to change the operating system no longer exists (or at least I can’t find it following the Username → Profile menu).

Is there some other way to accomplish this? Thanks.

What is your main OS?

Click on your user name, select “User Control Panel”, then select the tab labeled “Profile”". Works here (Firefox on macOS).


It’s 64-bit Windows 10 Pro, thanks.

Thanks, Walter, but although “Profile” is present, the OS setting definitely does not exist there under Windows 10 using Firefox or Waterfox. I’ll try other browsers and report back…

It also doesn’t appear under Windows 10 using Chrome…

It also is nowhere to be found under Windows 10 and Internet Explorer. There seems to be no point in trying other browsers…

I’ve updated it for you.

I have the same issue as the person above - can’t change the os I use in my profile - I put the wrong one by mistake when I registered for the forum.
I tried changing it on Firefox via Mac OS and Safari via Mac IOS, but don’t see any options to change it.
my OS should read Linux/Debian
Thank you.


same it indicate i’m on windows 10 but i’m since few mont/years under debian buster 64 bits