opening my projects files

On Mac OS 10.11,with Audacity 2.2.0 I am new to Audacity, trying to figure it all out and when I try to open a file which I was just recently in today, the pop up says: Error opening project. Couldn’t find the data folder and a second popup says: Could not load file…I have a few files with this problem. Eric

This is an Audacity project.

The AUP Project Manager file and the _DATA folder have to be in the same location or folder, have to have the same name and it has to be the name you gave them inside Audacity.

There is no “Audacity Project File.” A Project is a bunch of files and folders.

Where did I lose you? Did you throw out the _DATA folders? Did you spruce up your folders by changing the names?

If you don’t remember what the original names were, you can open up the AUP file in a text editor (don’t save anything) and read it. The original name is burned in there.

Can you put everything back together? As long as you didn’t delete anything, it should all come back.


Sorry. Missed one. You can’t out the AUP file inside the _DATA folder. Or you can, it just won’t work.