Opening AUP Files

What do we do after we change the code? I’m not savvy of this type of thing

  1. Save the edited file.
  2. Close NotePad++
  3. Launch Audacity.
  4. “File menu > Open”

I changed the code in Notepad per Steve’s instructions, saved and reopened and bingo! (I’m trying to find where to find how to turn off any auto updates from the Microsoft store. The “terminate” button doesn’t work. If anyone knows how do do that, that would be great. Thanks, Steve!

If you have a version of Audacity from Microsoft Store, I’d recommend that you uninstall it completely and install the official version of Audacity 2.4.2 that you can download via the Audacity website: Audacity ® | Download for Windows

PYU singing.aup (54 KB)

I am having this exact same problem. My project will not open and a pop-up box says “my file was saved using Audacity 2.1…0.0”…etc. Can you please help me recover this file?

Thank you.

You should all be contacting BlueSky since the problem is with their software: Contact Us - BluSky

Try this:
PYU singing.aup (54 KB)