Open the AUP file, not the Multiple AU Files[SOLVED]

Hoping you can help?

Have recorded 12 tracks off cassette through Audacity. Now on HD as multiple files for each track.

Completely lost :frowning: as to how to get all files made up as one to convert to wav. Youtube no good and tutorials haven’t explained well enough, sorry.

Yours Frustrated,


ps. Sorry it’s not a complex question like most on here and maybe quite simple to unravel, but some programs out there can do what you want but I am mystified.

Just get aa single 6 second segment and no idea how to link up to 50 segs together. Just want complete songs on harddrive to put on CD.


Audacity does not save sound files. You are probably looking at the little fragments of an Audacity Project. Don’t move them or do anything else.

Double Click on the aup file and the cassette capture show should come back to the Audacity timeline. Then you can break up the work into 3-minute (or so) songs and export it into sound files.

Once you have all your songs as separate files, you can import them into a Audio CD Authoring Program such as Windows Media or iTunes for Windows and burn a Music CD.

An Audio CD is different from a Data CD. You can’t just drag sound files over to a blank CD. Those will not play in your car – or your mum’s car. Also, Do Not Use MP3 for your music files. Use WAV. MP3 causes sound distortion and damage.


Many thanks, Koz. Looked complicated…and…is!! Will give it a go next week, as away weekend.


Jon :slight_smile:

:frowning: Hi, Sorry, back again.

Found out how to export as wav files, thanks. However, they are of course completely random. It’s a nightmare trying to figure out which file fits where. Surely there must be a way of the files once recorded to PC being put in the correct order so converting to wav for the shortest song, segments 001 to 021. Link them and hey presto…complete song, simple format…whether mono or stereo, no editing required for me, just a basic copy on PC, as opposed to Cassette!

Any tool to create the correct sequence of au files??



As Koz said, if you open the AUP file (in File > Recent Files) then the fragments of the recording should be in correct order.

Leave the AU files alone.

Are you saying that if you double-click in the first (uppermost) track to select it, then File > Export Selection, the music in that first song is out of order?

Also look at Help > About Audacity. What three numbers do you see there for the Audacity version number?



Version is 2.0.3.

The files I have, as an example, starting from the top…


That’s just 7 files out of 21 for the shortest track. The top one is not the intro, nor any of the others. In fact, they are mid section segments. I can probably identify them in time…by listening over and over to the original recording but, 3 of the tracks are over 7 minutes!! Divide 6 sec segs. into that.

Anyway, thanks for your time and consideration in trying to resolve this.



Those are the Audacity Project files. You are not intended to do anything with those and some of them aren’t even sound files. They should be inside a folder called something_data and if you can see that folder, there should also be a file called something.aup. The “something” is whatever you called the show when you saved it. Can you see the aup file?

Double click on that and the whole cassette show should wake up in Audacity. After that, you can divide the music up into individual songs and go on from there.


:slight_smile: Hi Koz,

Yes! Thanks for that. They are still under project files but named as separate songss. Just got into one and it played the whole song! Ace! So now it’s just export to create the non-mp3 file and can create CD or whatever.

Many thanks. Fingers crossed. Will let you know how it goes.



Yes worked! Wav files created of whole songs! Perfect.

So glad you could help.

Jon :smiley: