Open old files in lastest version

I have 2.4.2 and am thinking about upgrading to 3.5…will the 2.4.2 files open in 3.5?


2.4.2 files do open in Audacity, but 3.0 onwards uses a different project file, so you cannot save back to the original.

Didn’t know that one. So you can open an old show, but you can’t edit one.

@rbsong Are you upgrading for a reason? Is there some part of 2.4.2 that’s not working for you?

I’m using and am happy with 3.4.2. 3.5 has had some problems according to forum postings.

I have my machine configured to open and use several different Audacity versions (one at a time). If you start a valuable show in one version it is strongly recommended that you stay there until the show is finished.


well, technically speaking, “opening an AUP file” is an import, which then gets placed in a temporary AUP3 project until you save, at which point it becomes a normal AUP3 project file. But there is no AUP exporter or save option.

Writing that down…


It should do, but I would recommend finishing your existing projects and exporting as audio files before switching versions. I doubt there has been much testing of old Audacity 2.x into the latest version of Audacity.

WAV files, not MP3. MP3 has built-in distortion and you can’t stop it.


well my plan was to download 3.5…and I have a lot of files in folders on my hard drive…many are saved aup files and many are converted into mp3 files…no so much wav…anyway…I was hoping could simply open 3.5…then select of on the saved 2.4files and, wistfully thinking, the 2.4 aup file would open in 3.5…then I could save it as a different project…maybe even a different name…in 3.5…

You can do what you want.

Audacity 3.5 has some serious architecture upgrades and changes and, from forum postings, they don’t work for everybody.

3.5 has one characteristic I’m really not fond of. Again, from forum postings, it works well for a while and then later develops problems. We haven’t solved enough of those yet to know why it’s doing that.


It rings bells when someone uses those words. Audacity doesn’t save aup sound files. Audacity saves Projects which have an .AUP Project Manager file and a _DATA folder of the same name with the actual sound in little snippets.

The newer Audacity versions use the .AUP3 file which is everything in one file. It was way to common for people to assume their .AUP file was the whole show and delete or lose the _DATA folder. That is the end of the show. You have all your _DATA folders, right?