Open DSF with Audacity

I’m trying to open DSF files with Audacity 3.0.2. I prefer to open it directly, without convert it first at a different format.

According to this post I have to get the FFmpeg version 2.3 and this seems to be the only way to achieve that.
The link given at the above post is not valid anymore. I would really appreciate if someone could share this decoder (FFmpeg 2.3) or <<ffmpeg-20140729-git-4f91bb0-win32-shared.7z>> or <<ffmpeg-20140808-git-d34ec64-win32-shared.7z>>

Thank you!

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kozikowski thanks for your time but I already checked that link and there is nowhere FFmpeg 2.3.
I can only find FFmpeg 2.2.2 which doesn’t support dsf.

Audacity normally uses a customized version of FFmpeg.

I found a [u]link[/u] about using an alternate encoder (for exporting), but I don’t know about using a different decoder (opening/importing).

Thank you @DVDdoug but my main goal is to open DSF files and it looks like the FFmpeg 2.3 can do that.
The weird thing is that, for some reason, not even google can find this version.

It may not work with Audacity, but if you’re happy to convert the DSF files into a format compatible with Audacity using the command line, then you could try the 4.4 release version (full) from here:

Probably too late as a reply now, but I hope this reply can help newcomer searching for solution.

Although that customized 2.2.2 package is still available to download, people definitely don’t want that version for DSF support. Newest ffmpeg can be used and works completely fine for importing DSF audio. As an example, I’m using ffmpeg 5.1.2 chocolatey package. The only issue is that you need to download ffmpeg with shared library, and configure Audacity to detect the location of avformat.dll like this: