Only recording audio via mic not music via RODEcaster

Hi there
Never any issues previously until upgraded laptop yesterday - windows 11 as standard - and uploaded Audacity again. I use a Rodecaster Pro, coupled with programs such as RadioBoss and Virtual DJ and in the past, music would stream via RODE and I could record directly. Now, even though the settings are exactly the same as previous laptop (windows 10), Audacity will ONLY record voice, so mics are working fine. Let’s say I’m recording music from Spotify (an example), it will record any voice (say an advert) but flatline as soon as the song starts. It may kick in for a secord or 2 then drop off again.
Any help would be appreciated. I watched a YouTube video about multi-tracking and when I applied that, using the 14 tracks, it actually worked and recorded the music on channel 7 & 8 which align to the USB connecting the RODE to my laptop. But I have never had to do that in the padt, simply used the standard 2-stereo channels.

What are you actually wanting to record? Recording from a microphone and recording audio that is playing on the computer are very different, and you need different settings for each.

I watched a YouTube video about multi-tracking

Audacity is not the best application for multi-track recording and sometimes (most of the time?) people can’t get it to work. :frowning:

The FAQ in the Audacity manual says:

Can I record from a multi-channel device (more than stereo)?

Yes, but this is not simple; typically this does not work “out of the box” on Windows consumer systems, and always requires use of appropriate hardware and device drivers. There are some known Audacity limitations in channel selection and channel-to-track allocation. It is essential that sample rates are matched in all places (Audacity, the operating system and the device). See > [u]Aucacity Multi-channel Recording[/u] > for more details.

The RODEcaster can record directly to an MicroSD Card and I assume it can record multi-track to the SD card. There are advantages to that… There’s a lot more that can “go wrong” when a computer is involved! :wink:

Then you might be able to edit & mix in Audacity. (Audacity can do multi-track mix-downs as long as it can open the file(s), but again it may not be the “best” application for this.)

Thanks guys
So: I have a business coaching radio & podcasting to the disability sector. When we are producing radio, We are both on RODE mics connected to Rodecaster Pro - with recording done straight into Audacity (for later editing).

When playing a song (let’s say straight from my laptop files using a mixer like Virtual DJ, I was able to record all on previous laptop using 2 (Stereo) Recording Channels and RODE for microphone and speaker.

NOW…if I set it up the exact same way on my new laptop, with new version of Audacity and WIndows 11, Audacity captures our voice ONLY, and captures NO music. The WAV file flatlines.

Also, I do live radio and use RadioBoss, so playing music from my own radio station and recording shows is critical. Getting desperate as I need this for work purposes.