Only recording 2 microphones?!

hi all,

I just downloaded Audiocity on my hp-laptop and I tried to record my digital piano–>yamaha cp33
I got an easy MME usb cable to put in.
When I started the recording, it recorded the piano sound, but also the background sounds.
I selected “realtek microphone”, what’s wrong?
I hope you can help me out.


The USB cable will only carry MIDI notes. Audacity does not record MIDI.

All you are doing now is recording from the internal microphone of the computer, which is not what you want.

You want to connect from line out of the keyboard, which has audio signals that Audacity can record. But unless your laptop has a physical Line-In audio input separate from the Microphone input, you won’t have a suitable input on your computer to connect to. Sometimes the microphone input can detect stereo and not distort it, but it won’t be really good quality. In that case you will need a USB interface with a proper stereo Line-In, then connect the keyboard to interface with an appropriate cable, connect interface to computer with the USB cable, then set Audacity to record from the interface.

Please see this FAQ for more information:


Dear Gale,

Thanks for your support! Do you have any suggestions for a cheap external usb soundcart with a line-in input?
You helped me alot!


USB interfaces with line level input.



Thanks for your tips Gale, I googled some more and found this;
I have a l/mono and r output on my keyboard. I supposed that it is on line level.
What if I connect this cable from my keyboard to my computer:
Can I record audio if I do this?
I’ve no line input on my pc but I can buy this soundcard↓ (with stereo input) and connect the audio jack side to the line input on the soundcard.

Should this work? Is it stereo, or do I need another cable.
I don’t want to buy an audio interface because I don’t want to spend a lot of money.
thanks you once more for your information; you helped me a lot!


You still have the problem that the mic input on your computer will be mono and will distort the keyboard signals, or even if it is a “compatible” input that detects stronger stereo signals, the quality won’t be as good as with a proper Line In that you can get on an interface.

No, the input (pink) on that is a mono microphone.

The Behringer UCA 202 is about $30.

You can always record into an application that accepts MIDI input. If you want to edit the recording in Audacity as audio, you could play the recording in that application and record computer playback. The sound you will get depends on the MIDI soundfonts on your computer.

But most applications that can record MIDI are not free after any trial period has expired and may cost more than the Behringer UCA 202.