only letting me use 2 mics when i have 4 mics

HI everyone. I’ll keep this simple.

I have an interface, Berhinger UMC404HD. I downloaded the driver, when I try to record on audacity, it only gives me the option for mics 1 and 2 or mics 3 and 4, but not all the mics together. I need to be able to use all 4 inputs (all 4 mics). Any advice? Heres a picture below that shows what the options say.

Many multi-channel interfaces do that. It mounts as two different stereo sound devices and Audacity can only connect to one of them (at a time). I would expect the driver to have a four-channel option, though. Did you dig in the manual or other on-line info?

Audacity will cheerfully connect to multi-channel devices.

I think the Mac Composite Device can mount them, but that will also pre-mix the channels, so that’s not useful.

Even if you get it to work, there are odd considerations. Audacity only has two recording meters and Audacity will only ever play back stereo (two tracks).

One other problem. A number of systems depend on ASIO support to manage sound channels and directions. Audacity does not easily support ASIO.


In the device toolbar, try setting the “host” to “WASAPI”, then select the USB device as the recording device, and then see if you can set the number of channels to 4.

Note that WASAPI may not be very stable on Windows 7. WASAPI was still quite new in Windows 7, and some Win 7 WASAPI drivers were buggy. If this does work on your machine, I’d recommend that you test it thoroughly before you rely on it.