Only Internal Mic works!!

Hi I’m new to this forum and fairly new to Audacity.

I installed the latest version on my Windows 7 Lap top to record vocals with my daughter.

When trying to test several microphones I found that only “Primary Sound Capture” and "Internal Mic. (IDT High Deff) " choices in the Microphone drop down actually record.

When I chose one of the external microphone choices and connect a microphone to the external jacks, either the USB or 3.5mm stereo jack on the lap top it only records faint noise.

As external Microphones I’ve used an old computer mic. with a 3.5 mm plug, a headset with the same connector type, a Konami USB Mic and another head set with a USB plug.

What am I doing wrong here ? :unamused:

Thank you very much for your feed back

If you look at the “Recording” tab in the Windows Sound control panel, do you see the green meter respond to your external mic?

Something similar to this:


Windows 7 is no longer officially supported as it is now obsolete.

Than yo very much :smiley:

It might be a good idea to update from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Not on this lap top. I’ll be buying a new one with Windows 10 or 11.

Now on my current lap top with Windows 7 - I have to change the microphone outside of Audacity very time ???

Thank you . :smiley:

On my computer, when I plug in an external mic, the operating system detects it and enables it automatically. I just have to select the device that I want to use in Audacity’s Device Toolbar.

Today I tried to record to short tracks with two different microphones. One was a USB Konami microphone that seem to work well with the Logitech USB microphone setting. The next one was a gaming head set with a 3.5 mm plug. I could not get any volume regardless of mic. choice so I went back to the Knami and the Logitech setting - it would not work until I closed and reopened the program. :wink:

The next one was a gaming head set with a 3.5 mm plug.

There are two versions of this. Some computers have separate mic and headphone connectors and some have a single combo jack. If your headset and computer are different you need an adapter cable. (The headphone will work either way, but not the mic.)

My laptop has separate usb, mic 3.5 mm jack input and separate 35 mm hack output for headphone. I was plugging in the gaming headphone with built microphone on the microphone jack.

You need [u]this[/u].

Thank you I will order it. :smiley: