Online version of Audacity


is there anyone that provides online version of Audacity (type TwistedWave) for editing. I have tested TwistedWave, and it surely feels (and looks) like Audacity.

As good as some of the online version are today, the problem is that they run on a server somewhere. For me it would be critical to have the service running in my server, even i access it from outside. With this kind of solution i can assure that data stays in my control. And i could use my VMWare platform for virtual instances of editor.

Is this possible?

Can anyone provide a vm for Audacity or sell it?


No, there is no online version of Audacity.
“Audacity” is a registered trademark, and there is only one audio application that can legally use the name “Audacity”. The website for Audacity is here:
Audacity is not suited to remote hosting as it is based on editing blocks of audio data in very high quality 32-bit float format, which requires shifting very large amounts of data. Even very fast broadband would be unusably slow.

There are several on-line audio editors, including Soundtrap, TwistedWave, Sodaphonic, Spreaker, and no doubt many more (Google is your friend). None of these are “Audacity”.

There was an online HTML5 editor under development called “” which I understand reused some Audacity code. It’s been offline for a long time now: I am not sure where its licence file is.