Ongoing issue with audio tracks while editing, see pic

Well that’s the whole point. I line the claps up in audacity and it effectively syncs the tracks. Even if there was a delay when recording if i have a point to sync them all the delay is not noticable. It basically eliminates the delay. It’s a pretty standard practice. If person A was a half second off, when i sync all the claps to the exact same time code that half second is removed. And yes, we all use headphones. I use my standard apple headphones plugged into my phone.

Can we clarify that?

MatthewVanZandt said:

The block in the picture that i posted is usually static, or garbled audio.

Really the only way to find out for sure what is going on is for Matthew to save this as an Audacity project, make a ZIP of the AUP file and _data folder, then upload it somewhere. The problem is the project would be of huge size.


The damage moves around.

It jumps to a different location in the same track.

That’s a quote from the posting.

I’d feel a lot better if the poster said the words “I restarted my machine from power off.” This could be symptoms of a profoundly unstable machine. It’s not likely to fix itself or respond to software changes.


Yes, i have restarted the machine. I always power down at the end of the day.

power down

We can only go with what you tell us.

But does the corrupted “waveform”, wherever it is, always correspond with corrupted audible playback?


Here it is. Back from Chapter 1.

The block in the picture that i posted is usually static, or garbled audio.