One Tick Waveform Magnification and Offset???

Audacity 3.0.0. Mac OS 10.13.6 High Sierra.

I recorded a test voice from my MacBook Air laptop microphone. It looked and behaved normally. I was installing plugins and making sure everything was working as it was supposed to when I ticked something once which caused the waveform to stretch vertically and offset so “0” was at the bottom of the display. No negative waves were displayed.

I couldn’t find one tick to reverse it and I spent some serious time with the “percent” scale options to force everything back to normal. For a while there I was stuck with 200% up and down. The Zoom options don’t seem to apply and there are no option displays for the vertical scale (that I found).



Sounds like “half-wave” …

half-wave display.gif
“zoom* reset” undoes the “half-wave” display, (*even if you have not zoomed).


Leaving me wondering how I got there in one click.

It did answer one other question that I had. How could people make seemingly silly selections like that. That does pop up on the forum from time to time. “I clicked on something and this mystery thing happened.” The answer is a touch pad. You wouldn’t do that with a mouse.

Touch pads are constantly trying to figure out what you want from your gestures.

Contrast this magical event with Jorge Colombo who produced at least two New Yorker Magazine front covers by drawing…on his phone. “The other people on my train,” he said in an interview, “think I’m checking my email.”