One on one tutorial

Anyone in Arizona, USA available for a one on one tutorial to learn Audacity.

If not, a good screen share would suffice.

Thank you,


one on one tutorial to learn Audacity

Do you have a goal? Create a podcast? Read for AudioBooks?



Sorry, for the delayed reply. Traveling.

I need to edit existing audio files sent to me by a third party. Goal is to shorten and edit out sentences as needed.

Also, need to record my own audio file with intro and outgoing musical bumper. One could be 10 to 14 minutes in length which I send out to a third party.

Watch tutorials but I need quite a bit of hand holding, perhaps on a screen share.

Is this something your are comfortable in doing or know someone who does. Ideally, I’m sitting next to the person doing it.


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Is this something your are comfortable in doing or know someone who does.

Neither one. Audacity is not a massive corporation with help desk and training departments. It’s a rag-tag group of volunteers across many time zones who does this in small fractions of time ripped from other activities.

This is where I recommend a series of award-winning YouTube videos and classes, but that doesn’t work either. Because of the stretched nature of the endeavor, most of the posted videos are out of date, misleading, wrong, or all three.

So there you have it. You’re probably better served with an actual commercial audio program.


Audacity has a very comprehensive manual:
including many tutorials (see front page of the manual)
a “getting started” guide (
and a tour guide of the main features: