one-click clipping removal?

Using 1.3 on windows.

I know I can select the entire audio and go to View > Show Clipping to see where clipping occurs. Is there an option for audacity to scan the entire audio and remove clipping? Or at least reduce it to the highest peak?

Have you actually tried Clip Fix?

There is no way to remove clipping. Clipping is one sure way to kill a show. Clip Fix works by best guess estimation of where the waveform would have been had it not been damaged. It can only do very simple waveshape guesses and will never be able to restore the full range of music, overtones and harmonics in the original. It’s not unusual for Clip Fix to make it worse. It will always reduce the loudness of the show because it needs room to put the repair, and sometimes it does help if you apply it multiple times, which messes up the automatic nature of what you want.


Hmmm, THIS is weird–I downloaded a video off YouTube with an instrumental version of a dance song. I converted it to an MP3 and opened it in Audacity, and this thing was clipped ALL OVER the place. It seemed to me like it might have been recorded too loud. But I went into the compressor and lowered the threshold, and all but one of the little red lines had disappeared! I thought it was impossible–did I actually get rid of most of the clipping somehow?

The red line clipping indicators simply show where the waveform touches 0 dB.
If you lower the level of the audio then the audio will still be clipped, but at a lower level than 0 dB.

Ohh–OK, thanks! The track still sounds great after all the compressing. I still need to buy another mic due to my drowned out vocals problem, but at least I’ve got the music just the way I want it… :smiley: