One Channel Recording At Half The Volume

Windows 11/PlayoutONE radio software/All settings there checked/Windows 11 settings checked.

So from the playout software, each of the 4 cart players/decks plays output to its own fader on the mixer,
3 of the faders are peaking as they shud around 12 on Audacity whilst in pause/record to see levels.
Fader 4 is recording at half the volume of the other 3 faders.
All faders at same level on mixer.
All 4 decks are playing the same track.
How do I get fader/cart player 4 to the same levels to Audacity as the other 3 carts/decks.


This is the first I recall hearing of an issue like this. I would start by asking the people at PlayoutONE, or checking with their community.

Oh Ive been all round the houses with this, windows 11 sound checked, DELL USB Hub checked, (have to use one as DELL XPS 13 9300 only has 1 USB C at either side. PlayoutONE checked by 3 members of their support, mixer is a D&R Webstation, only thing left is recording software ‘Audacity’…Anybody have any ideas of what it MIGHT be other than whats mentioned?.

Why are you recording the PlayoutONE rather than just mixing down to WAV?

Did you check to see if the floor was level? Perchance you are feeding this 4th channel into the 6th channel of this 6-fader mixer which is a stereo channel. Some drivers will halve (that is, cut the level in half) stereo inputs.

Apologies Jademan, youv’e lost me now…is it possible to simplify…

But the D & R Webstation - USB Mixer is a 6-fader mixer. Which channels on the mixer are you using ?