on the recording playback, there is some garbled effect.

Audacity 2.3.1
Installed on a new Win10 PC.

Using “Mic In” to record.
Playback of mic thru speakers sounds fine.

But, on the recording playback, there is some garbled wavy effect.
Is this a common issue ?

Windows machines come with automatic echo suppression and noise processing. This can sometimes sound like talking into a wine glass or underwater. You can turn it off (if you can find it) through Windows control panels.


Do you use Skype? Sometimes Skype voice processing doesn’t go away if you just let Skype rest in the background. Turn it off and then maybe restart the machine.


Thanks Koz,
Yes, that is the underwater effect.
I do not use Skype.
I followed the directions in your link, but there are no enhancements turned on.
So, 2 strikes. Any other ideas?

Does it sound garbled right-away when played-back in Audacity before exporting?

And, have you tried opening a known-good file into Audacity to see if it plays OK?

Actually, I fixed it.
I had to update my on-board sound drivers.
Now, it plays and records fine!