On a collaborative audio project, how to adjust the two voices to the same audio volume level

I am collaborating with another person to produce an audiobook version of a book. She has recorded using audacity on Windows OS. I am recording my part on a MacBook Air MacOS 13.5.2. Her volume is noticeably lower than mine. I have tried to amplify from the effects menu but it is not very accurate. It seems there ought to be a way to treat the combined audio files to match the levels. All suggestions appreciated.

Assuming that the two voices are on two different tracks, you could use the Mixer Board.

Thanks Steve, this sounds promising, I will look into it. Hank

When using the Mixer Board, keep an eye on the playback level meter. When there’s multiple tracks playing, the overall level will go higher than individual track levels but must remain below 0 dB (otherwise the sound will become distorted).

Remember that levels are relative to each other - if track 1 is quieter than track 2 you shouldn’t automatically try to boost track 1, but consider lowering track 2. While working on the project, aim to keep the peak overall level to around -6 dB.

To be able to see the playback meter level better, the meter may be stretched like this:

I use “Chris’s Dynamic Compressor” plugin for that type of stuff. On just about everything vocal related.

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